Asian Muslim Action Network

Asian Muslim Action Network has been working for Peacebuilding through humanitarian aid, emergency response and community development for long period. In certain country, AMAN has become a champion in their focus. Bring the value of solidarity to place of greater motivation to help, change and bring back the present of humanity. Based on this long experiences, Since 2017, AMAN decided starting to focus on Islamic education system reform to bring enlightenment to young generation and affect them in long term purpose through their teacher, leader and intellectual.

AMAN reflects that education is a fundamental element to build individual and society. In many of Muslim countries, they applied “very closed method” to perceive any change from outside of Islamic education system. But what if Muslim connect to Muslim and exchange their capacity and method?. In order to build future system of Islamic Education System that has capacity to adapt and interact with global society. A system that bring back a mentality of science. A mentality of seeking and finding, a mentality of response the change, a mentality of survive without leaving the identity. The mentality to build peace for generation.