Asian Muslim Action Network is an interfaith organization that was working for humanitarian aid in several country such as Indonesia, Philippine, Myanmar, Bangladesh, and India. Since 2017, The program agenda of AMAN switch to Islamic Education Reform. For More than 20 years AMAN has been focused on various program of development, Emergency response and humanitarian aid. Growing the solidarity among people without noticing their religion and faith providing support and facilitate the network. Most of the members are intellectual, human right activist, women activist that tide up with peacebuilding way of life. the members, it may individual or organization. They working together shoulder to shoulder bridge, open, and connect people surround Asia continent.

Passing the limit of  countries and diplomatic focus on building human solidarity through participation of support either material or social. AMAN members an be very different in working area of the countries. But we have similar value to fight for, than AMAN member can working together if needed, can be asked for join in very minimum condition. AMAN member not an elite group, most of them also are common people. Who is good citizen and part of their community.