Solidarity Movement, Cross-Identity Solidarity

From : Ruby Kholifah / Secretary General of AMAN

covid 19
Social solidarity. [source image : jacobinmag] – No country does not panic about Covid-19. Therefore, it is not only the government that takes strategic steps to stop the spread of Covid-19, but a civil society with their various innovations are also fighting against Covid-19. In Indonesia alone, besides the formation of the Covid Task Force 19 led by the National Disaster Management Agency, civil society has also formed a voluntary Task Force and cross-sectoral coordination used to mobilize all elements of the nation to jointly move to educate the public, provide food assistance to those in need, provide personal protective equipment (PPE) both to Hospital and the wider community.

Call it AMAN Indonesia, (I give examples that I know) to respond to the current situation, the allocation of contingency funds that have been approved by donors, can help hundreds of underprivileged residents living in Rental Flats in Jemundo Sidoarjo, day laborers, and including transgender people who lose their daily work. Mobilize 39 Women’s Peace Schools to produce health-standard fabric masks for distribution to the community. This is because the scarcity of masks occurs so that the provision of cloth masks is very necessary.

Volunteers by Dr. Kartini Sjahrir, Bravo 5 Women also intensively assisted the RSPAD, Kedoya Hospital, Friendship Hospital and Muhammadiyah Hospital in Pondok Kopi, with the support of Personal Protective Equipment Masks, Vitamin C, Underwear, fruits, meal packages, bread, mineral water, etc. There is also a movement of women in Lingkar Perempuan Nusantara who every day distribute packaged rice and clean equipment to Ojol (online taxi driver), fruit and vegetable artisans, old people’s homes, and comb people in the aisles to ensure that minimal food access can be fulfilled.

Although not as excited as Indonesia, solidarity support works with the limited available resources in various countries, where the peace women’s network under ICAN operates. Lucy from Palestine also volunteered to open a hotline to help psycho-social women who are facing difficult situations. Especially in anticipation of incidents of domestic violence. Humaira from Afghanistan, a female doctor who is currently in the vanguard for handling Covid-19, is trusted to lead the covid task force 19. Never tired of being a spokesperson building sensitivity among the community and also calling on the public to pay serious attention to social and physical distancing to stop the spread of the Virus.

Even Robinah Rubimbwa, an advocate for Resolution 1325 from Uganda, made anticipatory efforts to spread Covid-19 by conducting intensive public education so that everyone understood and felt sensitive to this issue. The government provides food subsidies on Friday as lockdown compensation. Even so many women victims of war, women lose their husbands, and they struggle to support their families. “If food is only given on Friday, where do you get the remaining 6 days? While these women cannot work,” Robinah stressed during the conference.

Aissa Doumara, the winner of Simone Veil Prize from Cameroon, also improved, although no cases have yet been found in Bamenda, the district where she lives, but ensured that women do not experience a double burden when transmission spreads to their area, while the community is currently cleaning up due to conflict. Conditions of lack of water, food and also health facilities. Aissa has encouraged people not to hold social gatherings outside the home, live cleanly, and always recommend washing hands.