Using Gender Approach to Response Extremism, AMAN Indonesia Initiates IPBF 2019

Malang, Indonesia – The Asian Muslim Action Network (AMAN) initiates Indonesia Peacebuilders Forum 2019 (IPBF 2019) with the theme “Can Gender Approaches Improves Responses to Violent Extremism?”.

The theme was chosen because discussions on gender-based approaches in dispelling extremism are still rarely carried out, even though this approach has enormous potential in countering various forms of violence, including those based on religious sentiment.

The event is held for 3 days starting on November 26-28, 2019. IPBF 2019 involved AMAN partners in 14 countries, including; Malaysia, Singapore, Australia, Kenya, Bangladesh, India, Thailand, etc.

AMAN also presents women who are victims of terrorism. One of them is Hayati Eka Laksmi who spoke today. The 49-year-old woman told her life journey after her husband died of terrorism. How she survived facing deep depression after being left by his beloved husband was never revealed.

The depression was also experienced by her child. The two children did not deny that their dead was gone. However, Hayati revealed that there is no revenge. “I forgive the perpetrators,” she said in the forum.

Siti Khofifah, moderator and chief executive of IPBF 2019 hoped that this event would become a media to share about the value of peace building.

“We hope that with the conference, we can make a proposal to the government, what must be done to deal with extremists and terrorists in Indonesia,” explained Siti.

In her presentation, she urged the importance to create a forum that proves that Indonesia is full of peace. “And how do educational institutions, Pesantren also introduce values ​​that contain peace building,” concludes the 2019 IPBF chief executive. (Nam)