Social Transformation and Networking Resource Mobilization : A note from 20th School of Peace and Conflict Transformation

Mohammad Abdus Sabur
Mohammad Abdus Sabur. [source image :] – On February 24th, the Convener of IIPDS, Mohammad Abdus Sabur, gave a lecture on Peacebuilding, Social Transformation and Networking Resource Mobilization. The lecture aimed to explore ways and means to act locally and extend helping hand, cooperation and solidarity within one’s own community, the Nation-State and beyond the border of ethnic, linguistic, religious and geographical boundaries.

The session was followed, in the afternoon, by an introduction to intercultural methods through the Barnga game. The facilitator, Ana-Lina Thoueille, divided the participants into four groups. Every group had different rules when rolling the dices, and the participants were not allowed to speak until the end of the game. This caused misunderstanding and each participant experienced a small cultural shock. The game emphasizes the importance of dialogue and cultural sensitivity, especially as peace-builders.

On February 25th, the participants visited several important community places located in the lively neighborhood of Nong Chok: the Sheikhul Islam Office of Thailand and the Lamsai Village.

During a meeting with the representative of the Sheikhul Islam Office, the group learned about the Muslim and legal provisions concerning the administration of the Islamic organization in Thailand. The representative explained that politically and culturally the Muslims have been an integral part of the country and that Thai Constitution guarantees the right of teaching and practicing their religion.

Before heading back to the training center, the participants went for a walk in Lamsai Village, a peaceful community surrounded by trees and wooden houses, and visited a black swan farm and a school. A representative from the group of informal workers presented the characteristics of the community, insisting that one of the biggest challenges for its inhabitants is unemployment.