New Book to Read: Codification of Muslim Personal Law

One of AMAN’s partners serving as Deputy General Secretary at URI Asia Executive Council, India, Ms. Qutub Jahan Kidwai has recently showed up again with a very important and must-read book entitled “Codification of Muslim Personal Law”.

This book offers a deeper understanding of the evolved Islamic law and will prove that the Islamic Law is a complete legal science and cannot be discussed loosely given the expertise required. Secondly, the Shairah principle and Fiqh is a gender just. The development and change introduced in Islamic law in the various period and eras will prove that there is a greater scope to rethink, revisit, and revive the tradition of Ijtihad. The rights of women are very clear and unambiguous. Thus, there is no question of misogynist interpretation and the imposition of unjust practice on Muslim women.

The book is a product of a research funded by the Indian Council of Social Science Research (ICSSR). Thus, it is fully research-based book. The project was led by Dr. Asghar Ali Engineer, an Islamic Scholar of great repute, who together with Qutub Kidwai who worked as the Associate Director, also guided the writing process of complete manuscript of the book.

The entire research study collections, interviews, and visit all Darul Ifta of prominent Madaaris was done by Ms. Qutub Jahan Kidwai.

The book will satisfy your curiosity about the issue muslim personal law with chapters that includes:

1. Introduction by Dr. Asghar Ali Engineer
2. Evolution of Shariah Law
3. Analysis of the interviews.
4. Islamic Family Laws in other countries
5. Conclusion
6. Proposed draft of Muslim Family Law

The book is available on click here to purchase: