Qutub Jehan

Indian covid 19 cases.


I am writing you with request to provide humanitarian Aid to the stranded families of the laborers and to provide food material to labourer camp situated close to my office which is in the suburb of the Mumbai city. The government announced lockdown since 25th of March which led to massive clusters of migrants being stranded in different part of Mumbai. Unfortunately, Government could not provide timely help due to overwhelming numbers and lack of transportation of essential materials due sealed provincial borders.

Maharashtra province has the largest number of COVID 19 positive cases in India and Mumbai is leading in Infected case and also death rate. The laborers who are stranded near my office are 80% Muslims and 20% other faith with both men and women with their children working in construction sites.

The number is overwhelming due to vast areas of distribution for any NGO to reach to all places. We wish to provide ration kit for a month with each pack will cost 20 USD. Also we would like to help them with medicines and other hygiene stuffs like soaps, sanitary pads and multi vitamins.

We have list of 200 families and the number is increasing due to Government policy to not allow them to leave city until next notice.

Hope and wish we are able to help them with food and medicine in this moment of severe crisis.

Qutub Jehan Kidwai,
United Religions Initiatives, India.

Should you consider to join giving help, please contact Qutub Jehan at E-mail: m
[email protected]