Again, AMAN Leads CSO and Community Groups in Responding to Violent Extremism

Jakarta – Asian Muslim Action Network (AMAN) hosted a meeting between Civil Society Organization (CSO), community groups and government to strengthen collaborative works in responding to violent extremism and terrorism. The forum itself was a joint –initiative between government of Indonesia (Polhukam) and Australia (DFAT) that appoint AMAN to host the first CSO forum of Sub Regional Meeting on Countering Terrorism and PCVE.

Explained by Rubby Kholifah, director of AMAN Indonesia who also serves as general secretary of AMAN Asia, the meeting was intended to address the importance of building cooperation between social organizations in preventing violent extremism. One way is to find the right approach in order for this problem to be effectively addressed.

“With the right collaborative works, we can push priority issues to be done together, not only with fellow CSOs, but also with the government,” she explained.

Rubby also underlined the importance of program ownership that CSOs must have, only this kind of organization that has the network, range and approach model that is not owned by the government.

About this, Dr. Pribadi Sutiono, Assistant Deputy for Asia, Pacific and Africa Bilateral Relations at the Coordinating Ministry of Politics, Legal and Security Affairs added that the government could not work alone. They need the support of all parties to ensure that their programs run optimally. “We admit that we cannot do all of these programs ourselves, so we hope we can work together to ensure that the threat of violent extremism can be overcome with appropriate treatment,” he said when opening the event.

Pribadi also assured that the government fully supports every program proposed by CSOs incorporated in this forum while ensuring that they will not interfere. “We believe in the experience and abilities of colleagues in CSOs and the community,” he added.

The meeting which was attended by more than 80 organizations was part of the preparation for the next meeting which involved CSO representatives from various countries, including; Malaysia, Myanmar, the Philippines, Singapore and Thailand. This meeting is intended to provide an exchange space for CSOs coming from sub-region countries to share the current situation of radicalism and terrorism in their respective countries in order to learn good and bad practices of government and CSO in responding to PCVE.