Civil Society

AMAN is an integral part of civil society, thus working with civil society is our main nature in developing AMAN’s works. As a network, AMAN shall work for capacity building and advocacy of eradication of poverty, environmental protection, promotion and protection of human rights, social justice interfaith and inter-cultural dialogue towards understanding, communal harmony and peace.

Our long-time partners in doing regional capacity building on peacebuilding and conflict transformation is IIPDS and ARF based in Bangkok. in 2018, we started to work together with Oxfam Thailand, Walailak University to increase capacity among women ulama in Southern thailand by learning from Indonesia Women Ulama Congress (KUPI). AMAN Indonesia has been managing almost 20 partners from NGO working at the National and provincial level to promote preventing violent extremism, building community resilience, and promoting dialogue as a tool to increase understanding.

At global level, AMAN has been engaging with global partners on women peace and security agenda. together with GLobal Network on Women and Peacebuilders, we formed a girls ‘ movement to prevent violent extremism in comparison with Bangladesh. We called it Girls Ambassador for Peace (GA4P). With the International Civil Society Network (ICAN), we launched a global campaign on #standwithwomenpeacebuilders in Indonesia. We have been part of Action Asia Network to promote peacebuilding in crisis situations in Asia Pacific. Currently, in collaboration with Mediators Beyond Borders International (MBBI), we empowered women ulama (cleric) to have tool of dialogue called Reflective Structured Dialogue, which are able to facilitate series of dialogue among women ulama from Sunni, Syiah, Ahmadiyah, Salafi, and Wahabi in Indonesia. We are also active in Asian Development Network (ADN) to advocate goal 16 on SDGs.

With The Network for Traditional and Religious Peacemakers Interfaith, we facilitated the growth of network among interfaith in Asia and to increase learning spaces for interfaith youths in different continental to enhance capacity among youths to prevent violent extremism. With some networks such as Dialogue on Violent Extremism (iDove), the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ), AMAN Indonesia, Auc_cido where we did a training on PVE for youth coming from Asia, Europe, and Africa to respond atrocity and hate speech in Asia Pacific, AMAN becomes part of Steering Committee of Working Group on Gender and Atrocity Prevention.

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