AMAN : COVID-19 Emergency Statement

As Covid-19 has become an everyday presence and concern in the life of billions of people and the fight against it has been complicated and controversial. In order to curb the threat that this contagious virus poses on people, States are struggling to respond by taking various measures that did not give the expected results.

Scientists, government and non-governmental institutions are still struggling to cope and find appropriate strategies and responses.

With the enactment of extensive lock downs and forced closure of private business activities without a welfare plan to compensate daily earners for the economic losses, the police forces forced people to stay at home, depriving them from earning their leaving.

It is the case of Bangladesh and India, where rickshaw pullers, garment workers, house maids and shelterless people are exceptionally blasted by those provisions, and everyday are beaten and humiliated by the authorities.

AMAN, as an Asian network, along with others human rights and civil society organizations, is concerned and call for lifting the hardship of the most disadvantaged people and demands law enforcement agencies to stop humiliating and degrading human rights and dignity.

AMAN calls all its partners and contributors to address the following challenges:

  1. Designate families with no income due to the lock downs and build a trusted partnership with CSOs who can implement food aid distributions;
  2. Identify the most vulnerable parts of society (people suffering from mental health issues, children, differently able person, refugees, IDPs and shelterless people) and identify their challenges and who can help institutionally. If such apparatus is not available, communicate with other partners and community members in order to provide the assistance needed;
  3. In presence of reported domestic violence identify community nets that can provide safe alternatives to the affected person;
  4. Support law enforcement agencies to carry out their duties and, at the same time, encourage them to extend all possible support to civil society organizations to carry on humanitarian assistance.

We highlight the urgent necessity for widespread assessment of needs in this time of general crisis. The involvement of community-based organizations is crucial in identifying the areas which require an immediate intervention.

AMAN encourages social distance and self-protection. Within those boundaries we are committed in providing relief, in all its forms, where needed.

AMAN Thailand