Who We Are

Asian Muslim Action Network is an interfaith organization that works for humanitarian aid in several country such as Indonesia, Philippine, Myanmar, Bangladesh and India. Since 2017, The program agenda of AMAN switch to Islamic Education Reform.

Islamic education reform is a way to build peace. Not only a vision to bring back a tradition of knowledge and science of Islamic culture but also a process to be more adaptive and understand Islam as a way of life. Member of Asian Muslim Action Network believes that peace is a process to perceive the diversity of culture and celebrate humanity. Violence come from a disability to perceive a reality of divers where human is motivated to build self-centred ego and forget about the values of Islam. The responsibility is for everyone and the practice is for everything.

Asian Muslim Action Network has therefore declared that education is a strategic tunnel to bring the humanity and peace building where the future is on responsibility of young generation today. A saying said, Generation today is a leader tomorrow.

For More than 20 years AMAN has been focused on various program of development, Emergency response and humanitarian.


Aman’s Vision:
AMAN believes in the eternal values and principles of Truth, Justice, Compassion, Freedom and Equality as embodied in Islam.
Thus, the vision of AMAN is to build understanding and solidarity among Muslims and other faith communities in Asia towards people’s Empowerment, Women Human’s Rights, Gender Equality, Justice and Peace.

Aman’s Mission:
In developing an Islamic approach to contemporary challenges, AMAN will be guided by the universal values and principles of the Quran. It will also seek inspiration from the Sunnah and garner knowledge and ideas from Islamic history and tradition, in so far as they conform to the worldview of the Quran.